Access Control - Visitor Tracking - Barcodes and RFID
A variety of scanning solutions are available to monitor visitor access which will run with our registration and admin system or your own visitor data.
webscan visitor scanning

The most convenient and lowest cost scanning system combining access control, visitor tracking and statistics is our webscan system in conjunction with usb scanners attached to pcs or laptops. Alternatively webscan can be made to work with suitable pdas and wireless or mobile internet. webscan is bundled with every webevent package at no extra cost.
Real time online data can be generated directly from the visitor database using these tools and a suitable barcode scanner.
scan in
allows any barcode one entry only. 'scan in' sets visit status to in and rejects a visit if status is already in
scan out
scan visitors out for re-entry later (resets visit status to 'out') - use this in conjunction with 'scan in' to monitor on-site visitor total
scan visit
exhibitor scanning utility to record when a visitor has been to a specific stand or seminar (record only - no access control)
scan count
scan count will increment visit status counter with each scan (not advised for use with 'scan out')
scan check
get additional registration details to confirm pass holders identity if 'scan in' is rejected or disputed
block scan-in scan-count or scan-out of specific barcodes and alert scanning staff accordingly
a quick view of scanning status which shows visitors scanned, visitors on site, specific visitor status
download registration, scan status and scan history data in csv format for analysis
import visitor data from another source as individual records or in bulk for your event

* Scan visit has an access priveledge that differs from other pages and tools so exhibitors set up to use this will only be able to use and see appropriate pages.
webscan notes
  • webscan has been designed to be intiuitive and simple however to avoid last minute panic we ask that you read the user instructions before the day of the event and the first time you use webscan please.
  • Each computer can only run a single instance of webscan in conjunction with a single scanner.
  • Pen Events can supply barcode scanners to rent or buy. Please ask for details if you do not have your own.
  • The web based functionality means that while being used for webscan a computer cannot be used for other applications.
  • You may run as many computer/scanner systems as you have logins
  • webscan responds to scans with a colour coded screen (typically green for good, red/black for bad and grey/blue where there is no right/wrong) and an appropriate message therefore scanning users will need to be able to see the computer screen from their scanning position for most processes.
  • There is no audible prompt associated with a webscan scan result although most scanners will beep to indicate that the barcode has been read and entered into webscan (pending a response).
  • As a web based utility webscan relies upon internet access to the website which we have no control over and will not be held liable for
  • Alternate devices may be used such as pda style scanners with GSM mobile data SIM cards
  • webscan has been designed to be simple and fast however speed of scan response is dependant upon internet data transfer rates
  • webscan can be used without a scanner to by simply keying in visitor numbers however this manual method is obviously more laborious and best saved as a fallback for those times when a barcode has been damaged

data collection

Pen Events can supply a variety of self contained handheld devices for scanning at the point of entry or for measuring visits to exhibitor stands. A portable data collector can be rented at low cost by the week. These pocket sized scanners are ideal for exhibitors within an event will scan barcodes and store all the data until returned to us. We will then extract the data and send as a .csv file to you. This type of scanner can also be used to keep a record of all visitors arriving at an event where real time data or strict access control is not required.
advanced barcode scanning solutions

Pen Events works with events of all sizes from small exhibitions to large festivals so we recognise that scanning needs can vary widely.
We are able to transfer your visitor data to handheld scanners to use wherever scanning is required. Once data is held locally the solution is more robust than relying upon internet connection and several layers of redundancy can be included in the solution.
Broadly speaking we divide these solutions into three categories:

level 1 - verification and recording
Level 1 scanning is an enhanced form of data collection which verifies barcodes against an inbuilt list.
Level 1 scanning can recognise and exclude invalid barcodes. In this entry level method, the entire database is loaded into as many scanners as required. Each scanner can then verify that the barcode is expected and record that it has been scanned. A barcode not recognised will be rejected.
The scanners work independently of each other so if multiple scanners are in use cannot restrict access eg if 3 scanners are in use the same barcode could be scanned and admitted a maximum of 3 times.
Scan data can be provided after the event.
level 2 - verification and recording with local database synchronisation
This loads the entire database into the scanner and each scanner is wirelessly synchronised to a local server with a full copy of the database.
All scanners are linked via the database and so access can be restricted if required.
Range of the scanners varies depending upon the environment. In optimum conditions this can be as far as 100m however indoors in a building with lots of steel and radio interference can be interupted or reduced.
If you only have one entrance area this solution will be ideal and will cope with dozens of scanners for multiple entry lanes. If you have multiple access areas across a wider area you may use several level 2 solutions or choose one of our level 3 solutions which link the local databases via a master database to synchronise all entry areas and all scanners.
Scan data is available from the local server during the event and can be provided as a database afterwards for your own analysis.
level 3 - verification and recording with multi-entry point synchronisation
A level 3 scanning solution links multiple level 2 solutions across a wide area. We have used our level 3 scanning at major outdoor events including the Isle of Wight Festival and V Festival to provide a one-ticket-one-entry system for up to 100,000 visitors.
If you require this level of scanning please contact us for more information.
  • In all these variations multiple feedback types are available to the operator. A positive scan or OK result is usually responded to with a beep sound and a green screen area on the handset. A negative result is usually responded to with a donk sound, a red screen area and vibration in the handset (similar to a mobile phone vibrating ringer alert).
  • We are happy to work with most 1d and 2d barcodes and can advise on the best symbologies and content for the barcode.
  • Advanced solutions are usually provided on a rental basis.
  • Level 2 and 3 solutions will normally require our staff on site for set-up and/or support during the event. We are also able to provide operator training.



Radio Frequency IDentification is a newer technology than barcoding with a number of benefits and uses small radio tags which can be detected by RFID scanners.
RFID tags come in a variety of formats and can be built into or attached to wristbands, tickets, tokens, badges and more. It is the same contactless technology that is embedded in over 10 million Oyster Cards controlling around 38 million London Underground and bus journeys every week. (
Pen Events are the originators of the dozoid RFID scanning system. (dozoid is our own contraction of the Japanese word dozo and identification - dozo indicates 'go ahead', but literally means 'please')
dozoid units are 'plonk-and-play' stand alone self contained RFID scanning kiosks just over 1m tall and equipped with processor, database, RFID scanner, indicator lights and sounds and backup power supply. The visitor simply 'touches in' by placing their pre-programmed tag on the scanning area and a green light will signal that it is OK to proceed.
dozoid is
  • simple and secure
  • uses trusted technology
  • authorises speedy access for efficient visitor experience
  • easy to use with clear audio and visual indicators for security staff
  • a solution to eliminate pass-back
  • able to integrate with ePurse and voucher options
  • able to generate visitor statistics
  • low cost equipment rental - even compared with barcoded systems - offsets higher cost of RFID tags
  • ready with accessory port to trigger your external equipment


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