To let you get a feel for our products we've provided a live online "WEB EVENT" demo package.
Our demo includes:
 Online registration (for an imaginary event - no charge)
 Confirmation email with a link to a barcoded self-print e-pass
 Password protected admin panel
 Webscan scan tools
Its worth reminding you that this is all available from just £99 (see pricing schedule for more details).
We suggest you experience this demo from a visitor perspective first by registering for our demo event, receiving a confirmation email and then following the link to collect your self print pass. A username and password will be included in the email so that you can try the admin functions here. (Please note we change the login details periodically so if you haven't visited for a while you may need to register again.)
Booking form - Click here - this is the bit of webevent that a visitor will see
A booking form like this can be embedded in your website with little programming knowledge using simple copy and paste code.
More importantly, the form can be configured in the admin panel with a variety of questions and fields to suit your needs.
Better still, you can upload your own header image and change the page colour and text colour.
If that wasn't enough, any visitor registering online will get a confirmation email and, you guessed it, you can edit that too.
Admin - Click here - this is the bit of webevent that the organisers see
The admin panel has a secure login and various permission levels. In this demo example we let you have level 2 user access to see almost everything although it won't allow you to change or edit any settings. If you like what you see please give us a call and we will arrange a higher level login.
Username:******** provided in the registration confirmation email
Password:******** your visitor registration number
Nb these logins are deleted periodically to keep the system neat and tidy.
Once logged in click on the visitor list menu button - this is the admin view of the database which is of course the heart of the system.
Registrations are shown in reverse order and so the most recent registration (probably yours) will be at the top. Note the 'views' counter which shows how many times a visitor has visited the self print pass.
Each record has clickable icons to show you the visitors pass & details. From here you can email the visitor (disabled in the demo) or resend the confirmation email (disabled in the demo).
Visitor details also show payment information and scan history (if you are using webscan)
The 'users' menu button is disabled in this demo but will allow you to view and edit usernames passwords display names access permissions etc.
edit pages is where the bulk of the customisation van be done. Here you can configure the visitor registration form choosing from a wide array of input fields - use as many or as few as you want. (Surname and email address are mandatory). In addition to a standard range of form input we have provided a quantity of question fields that you can edit yourself. You can set the background colour and the text colour for the registration form here. The registration confirmation email content is defined on this page too.
edit images allows you to upload jpg templates for both the page header (for all web pages and emails) and the self print pass. From here you can configure positioning of text on the template along with colours for headers and data.
scanning - wow loads to look at here. This is the main scanning menu for our webscan functionality where, with a usb scanner on your pc, you can scan barcodes in/out, increment counters, blacklist visitors, get a summary including visitors on-site stats, import visitor lists or add single barcodes to the database .. .. . webscan does everything you might need at an event.
.. . . and if you don't plan to scan visitors or want to use other scanning methods you can download the database from here as a csv to import into other applications.
Last - but by no means least - is the email centre. Use this to communicate with your visitors before AND after the event. Send bulk emails to all visitors, visitors who haven't collected their pass yet, visitors who have, visitors you have scanned (webscan only) or visitors you haven't. email is sent as multipart-MIME which means that those who can see rich text email will get an html formatted email - those who can't will see a plain text equivalent. You get an email history and can view sent mail and see a list of all visitors who were contacted by whom and when..


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